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The Benefits Of Soft Washing Your Home

Home soft washing benefits

While pressure washing has been a popular exterior cleaning method for a few decades now, an alternative practice has been growing in popularity over the past several years- soft washing! While pressure washing is an excellent way of quickly removing stains and contamination from exterior surfaces, it has a few pitfalls. Most pressure washing uses plain water without cleaning chemicals, which doesn't kill mold or algae spores. The sheer force of standard pressure washing can also cause warping or breakage on less sturdy exterior surfaces.

Soft washing is the answer to these two problems. It is typically done with a cleaning detergent mixed in with the water. This detergent is designed to break down staining substances and also includes antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which makes it an excellent solution for killing mold, bacteria, and algae. Soft washing also uses a very low-pressure spray, with an average pressure of well under 1000 PSI. This makes it a safe option for cleaning fragile areas like glass, stucco, and shingles.

Both pressure washing and soft washing have their applications around your property. However, when it comes to your sidings, roof, and windows, more often than not, your pressure washer will take the soft washing approach. Let's discuss a few of the benefits soft washing can have for your home!

It Gently Boosts Your Curb Appeal

The slow buildup of stains, dirt, and debris can turn even the most beautiful home into a dull grimy mess. We generally recommend that most homeowners have their houses washed about once or twice a year. While pressure washing can work on some surfaces like brick and metal, it can chip or warp other types of sidings like painted wood and stucco. Pressure washing is also especially unsafe to use for roof cleaning, where the high pressure can tear up shingles or shatter roof tiles.

Soft washing gently loosens up and breaks down grimy buildup on your house, rather than scouring out stains. You'll be amazed how quickly the gentle cleaning can wash away layers of dirt and grime. House washing and roof washing will leave your house spotless, stain-free, and back to its bright original appearance.

It's An Excellent Way To Sanitize Your Exteriors

The presence of harmful substances like mold and bacteria around your home's exteriors can affect more than just the structural integrity of your sidings. These substances can make your way in your home through windows, doorways, and by being tracked in on foot. Inside your home, they can affect your air quality, trigger allergic reactions, cause illness, and continue to multiply.

Regular soft washing around your home once or twice a year with an antimicrobial detergent drastically reduces the number of mold spores and bacteria in the area, leaving your family less vulnerable to their ill effects.

It Improves Your Property Value

It goes without saying that exterior cleaning keeps your exterior surfaces structurally sound and helps prevent deterioration and damage. Because soft washing uses less force than standard pressure washing, it also reduces the likelihood of warping or stress fractures on delicate surfaces while cleaning. It's a safe way to ensure that your home is in top condition, thereby improving your property value!

If a simple soft washing solution is what your Spring Grove home needs, Fore's Home Services is here to provide it. The detergents we use for our soft washing work are eco-friendly and biodegradable, thoroughly cleaning your home without leaving harsh or hazardous chemicals behind. You can count on our expert soft washing services for a safe clean that promotes the health of your family and the longevity of your home.