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Fore’s Home Services, Hanover PA’s #1 Pressure Washing Company

Fore’s Home Services, Hanover PA’s #1 Pressure Washing Company

Hey there, Hanover, PA! I'm EJ Fore, the dedicated owner of Fore’s Home Services, your local go-to for house washing and pressure washing needs right here in Hanover. In our charming community of Hanover, PA, I'm on a mission to restore not just homes but also homeowners' pride and confidence.

Just recently, I had the privilege of working on a project for a homeowner who was feeling embarrassed about the state of their property in Hanover. They confided in me about how years of neglect had left their home looking tired and worn, with dirt and grime covering every surface. It broke my heart to hear how they felt ashamed to invite guests over, and I knew I had to help.

With my expertise in house washing and pressure washing, I set out to transform their home and their confidence. From reviving their composite deck to bringing life back to their vinyl siding and sidewalks, I spared no effort in delivering exceptional results. As the layers of dirt and grime melted away, so did the homeowners' worries. The joy and relief on their faces when they saw their home shining once again were truly priceless.

Now, if you're in Hanover and find yourself in a similar situation, feeling embarrassed about the state of your home, know that you're not alone. Reach out to me at 717-477-3030 or visit to schedule your appointment today. Let's work together to restore your home's beauty and your pride, one clean surface at a time!

Location: Hanover, PA

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Client Review

When we bought our home, the deck and exterior were filthy!!! It was actually embarrassing. We hired EJ Fore's and as soon as the weather was warmer, he quickly scheduled us. He was great with communication and takes his business seriously, was dependable, & showed up on time. Our home, deck, and sidewalk look SO much better, and in perfect time too now that it's finally feeling like spring. Happy to support this small local business!

- Hiba S